GDPR Regulations

We are required to inform you that as from May 25th 2018, we as a Company processing data from individuals within the EU are required to inform you that we are doing so and that you have certain rights as to know how we use that information.

Firstly, we require your permission to use your data. As a service provider, we need to hold personal information relating to our clients, performers, musicians and teachers.

We store the following personal information of you and /or your children, (which information depends on the type of course or activity you are having with us)

  • Full name (for attendance records, exams applications, and invoicing);
  • Email address (for communicating information related to our classes, events and workshops) we also set up group lists according to the attended activities;
  • Phone (mobile or landline);
  • Address (for payments and invoicing purposes) We also post a welcoming letter to our new students;
  • Skype address (for online lessons and meetings);
  • School, year and class of your children (for teaching purposes when our classes run at a school or a nursery);
  • We might require the following personal information of our teachers, performers and students:D.O.B, gender, general relevant documents like photo ID, medical requirements, special needs, and any personal and professional background information needed for our work;
  • We may also ask you to fill in the Equality Monitoring Form, where ethnicity and religious status are reflected. This information is not compulsory and it is merely extended to assure equal opportunities to everyone;
  • We might include your name or your child’s name in the programmes of our events and concerts;
  • We might include you in our newsletter lists for general information of our services, news and activities (you can always click the unsubscribe button)
We might use under your consent

Photographs, recordings or videos of yourself or your children taken during class or performances to monitor and stimulate progress, for communication and advertising purposes, or for developing and updating our website and our social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter, to share our artistic and educational activities.

We also confirm to you that we will only use the information you provide, for the purposes in which it was provided, as per the eight principles of the DPA. We will not pass the information to any unauthorised persons (such as a mailing list). We will hold and secure the information under encryption to ensure that it is not subject to data breach.

Access to your information You have access to any information that we hold about you and can write to us to request access to that information, should you wish to update, or change any of the details held. You also have the right to have the information removed from our systems should you choose to no longer work with us, or you simply ask us to do so.

By continuing to use our services on or after May 23, 2018 you acknowledge our updated DATA PROTECTION POLICY.