We teach fun and inspiring classes in the London area. Our sessions are an enjoyable experience displaying energy, enthusiasm and encouragement.

We provide individual and group tuition classes to both children and adults at every level and musical ability.

Classes can take place within your own home or at Ana’s Studio in Chiswick. We also hold our classes and workshops in schools, nurseries and various venues.

If you want to learn a new hobby, improve your skills, study for examination boards or pursue a career in music, we tailor the classes according to your needs.

We have a history of producing excellent results with a 95% distinction of taking students through the necessary examination boards including ABRSM, TRINITY GUILDHALL and ROCKSCHOOL.

Our expanding services include the following classes:

Specific exercises are designed and chosen to work on your voice.

We can help you develop a repertoire, extend your range, sing with no tension, and the most important to me – we can help you find your own sound and personal style.

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In this 88 key instrument, you can play absolutely everything.

Classical or Pop?  Mozart or Stevie Wonder?  Beethoven or Elton John?

Maybe all! The choice is yours

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Electric, Spanish, Acoustic…

Classical, Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz, or Latin styles…What a versatile instrument!

Whether you want to lead a band with your electric, sing and accompany yourself with an acoustic guitar or you are dreaming of performing the Aranjuez Concerto…

We can help you in any way you want to go.

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The bass mainly sustains the harmonic framework in a band and establishes the beat in partnership with the drum.

In popular music, it is mainly a part of the rhythm section. But in some styles like Jazz, Funk or Fusion, it can be a soloing instrument as well.

If you want to play groovy licks like ‘Another One Bites The Dust,’ this is the instrument for you.

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Don’t be put off by the big sound of the drums! There are a lot of alternatives to an acoustic drum kit including playing on smaller and lighter electronic drums where you can listen to your music in a discreet way on home speakers or headphones.

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From Hawaii to the world…a lovely, light and affordable instrument especially fun for younger children to play!

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From Charlie Parker’s jazz sound on the saxophone, Jean-Pierre Rampal’s classical tunes on the flute to the famous Clarinet solo in ‘Rhapsody in Blue’, the wind instruments offer a world of sound possibilities.

For younger children, playing the recorder is a great alternative as it is tiny, portable and less expensive than other instruments.

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The instruments in the violin family hold an important place in classical and popular music.

Strings are a vital part in a wide range of music from classical concertos to jazz solos. It’s up to you to choose the instrument and sound that suits you best.

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Wake up your ears to identify rhythms, pitches, intervals, melodies, chords, and other elements of music.

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Prepare to explore and go deeper into understanding how music works and the rules you need to learn to compose music through analysis and exercises.

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If you love music and technology, we can help you create your own beats through software such as Garage Band, Sonar, Logic or Reason.

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If your dream is to write your own songs, we can help you materialise your ideas.

We’ll guide you through the whole process – from inception to the recording and production of your songs.

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Skype Lessons

Skype-logoIf you live outside of London UK or overseas you can study with us too. Contact us in order that we can discuss the process of setting up this solution.