My 9 year old daughter has been taking piano and singing lessons with Ana for a few years. Ana is the perfect mix of bubbly, loving and friendly yet firm when she needs to be. She is reliable, dedicated, professional, talented , experienced and most importantly she is a fantastic teacher. My daughter loves her. The Christmas Concert is one of the highlights of our year and a wonderful opportunity for her students to perform in front of an audience.


“My daughter stopped piano practice for four years but we were lucky that Ana was recommended to us. My daughter it is sailing through with every piece as if she never stopped.

After every lesson, my child comes home with great excitement trying to show me what she learned that day. When she plays I like what I hear.

They work together so well, Ana deserves the credit.”


Ana is a great!! Music Teacher. Her passion for music and teaching children can be feel as as soon as you meet her in her studio. My daughter always wanted to learn music however she did not have the ear for it and I thought she was never going to learn, we tried lots of different music teachers at school and privately, but she never followed thru.

Now she loves going to Ana's studio, people we now and at school have even started commenting on her improvement. Ana is an amazing teacher we couldn't be happier with her, even my son is taking lessons with her too. We love you Ana!!!!


My daughter started playing the piano 5 months ago with Ana and she's already working towards
grade 2. The lessons with Ana are enjoyable, fun and very child friendly. Looking forward to the next term.


My son has been taking guitar lessons for the last two years at his Primary School and an year and a half with Ana. The difference we noticed since he started to learn with Ana has been amazing! Since he started with her his improvement has been outstanding and consistent and he is enjoying more and more his lessons which as a consequence is helping him to progress more and more and become more confident with his instrument. Ana is always patient and encouraging him to become better and better every time. We also love the annual concert as it gives him the opportunity to practice with his peers and play infront of other people, helping him to gain confidence and having a more real  experience.  Thanks Ana for such a wonderful job!


Ana Ortiz has given piano lessons to my two daughters (9 and 6 years old) for the last two or three years. She is an amazing teacher who inspires and encourages them.
Ana is full of energy and enthusiasm but is also sensitive and patient. She makes their lessons fun but also is able to expertly prepare them for concert performance and examinations.
I couldn't recommend a better teacher.


Ana you are a magic teacher.
We moved to the States and my daughter started piano lessons this week.Her new teacher was very impressed by how much you taught her in just 6 months of lessons in London!


Ana Paola Ortiz is an incredibly talented and experienced music teacher and has taught acoustic guitar to our daughter, Florence (aged 10) for three years.
Ana is a wonderful teacher in every way who really understands how to work with children and I would recommend her without hesitation.


Ana is a wonderful music teacher. In addition to being very musical with great technical skills she is also very sensitive and listens well and communicates on many levels.


My daughter has been going to piano lessons with Ana for about 6 months and she has learnt so much. And even better she loves going and practising! I think this is thanks to Ana's own love of music which she manages to pass on in a very enthusiastic and professional way.


Ana teaches and inspires with boundless enthusiasm and kindness.


Ana is not the typical piano teacher, she is a musician and this reflects n her work. My daughter loves going to her piano lessons and that's what every parent wants!


I don't know who is more excited to go to the class, the girls or myself... If I had known that music lessons would be so much fun I would have started years ago!


It has been a real joy having guitar lessons from Ana- she is a truly patient, extremely talented and fun teacher to work with. Ana has a love for her craft and brings this passion and energy into every lesson. I cannot recommend Ana highly enough, a wonderful inspirational teacher.


Ana is an outstanding music teacher. My son is learning the electric guitar with Ana. She caters her lessons to the child's individual interests and needs such as teaching the songs that my son suggests. At the same time she ensures that he progresses in a motivated, fun environment. My son absolutely enjoys the music lessons with Ana.


Ana is an engaging teacher. She has connected very well with my daughter, making learning the piano easy, interesting and above all fun. As a result she has made rapid progress.


Ana is a brilliant teacher and helped me sing confidently


It is quite impossible to not be swept along by Ana's enthusiasm for music. Rosie loves to come for her singing and piano lessons and as a result her confidence and skills have grown enormously. Thank you Ana!


We sent our son to Ana 6 years ago after getting recommendations from friends.

Ana is fantastic and is a very skilled music teacher. She has transformed our son and over this period has brought out his fullest potentials. What we find pleasing is the special relationship she maintains with each of her students. She can complete many versatile song requests and never seizes to impress with how well she adapts songs to our son's personality.

The end result is that these days he is bit of a rock star!!"


My 6 year old daughter has been with Ana since last year, learning guitar, piano and singing. Ana is professional, passionate, friendly and bubbly - the perfect mix for keeping children focused whilst enjoying their lessons! As well as expert tuition Ana gives my daughter the most important tool, self belief and confidence. I would highly recommend Ana.


Learning music through Ana is an inspiration. Her lessons are highly effective, fun and keeps you coming back for more. She is a wonderful teacher who works hard to bring out the best in you through patience and encouragement so you can reach your potential.